Your Tree House Is Now Deemed Woefully Inadequate

Now this is a tree house to end all tree houses. Forget recycled pallets, borrowing your dad’s hammer, stealing Mom’s curtains from the laundry room for that glassless hole you call a window. No, the Rockefeller Partners Architects have taken the tree house to infinity—and beyond.

Built in the backyard of a posh Brentwood estate, this 172 sq. ft. tree house doubles as an office and guest abode, complete with all the amenities one would find in a structure ten times its size, including a toilet, small fridge, a fireplace–even an outdoor shower! With its views of downtown Los Angeles, the Santa Monica Mountains, and the Getty Center, the tree house is not actually in a tree but rather astride it, high enough on a hillside that the vistas are expansive and breathtaking.

The inspiration for the project came after a decades-old pine tree fell to the ground but continued growing, despite the fact that it was vertically challenged, prone on the ground. The property owner felt obliged to honor the tree by building the structure in a way that was in harmony with the surrounding natural environs.

[quote] To reconnect back to the fallen tree, the architects carved a portal in the walnut floor, affording a view of the inspiration for the house itself.” [/quote]