Your Personal ‘Cocoon’ Living Pod

Who wouldn’t want to have their very own personal cocoon – you know, the one that butterflies have? Well good news awaits you because the Cocoon 1 promises to provide you with your own special place of retreat, one that transcends the border between object and space and challenges how we perceive furniture.

The transparency of the design enables the user to let their thoughts wander and also allows them to join in with life “outside”. Practically speaking, the Cocoon 1 can be used as a separate room altogether, or fit into a space. It can also be used outdoors, and even hung from the trees. You can even add a sleeping module, cooking module, and wi-fi media module. [Thanks to our reader Venelina for scouting this design]

cocoon-3 cocoon-4 cocoon-5 cocoon-2 cocoon-1 cocoon-6