“Wonderland” As You’ve Never Seen It Before

Often tragedy brings about a fundamental shift in the way we view our environs and the world at large. With great sadness also comes the opportunity for great expression—such can be said about many important pieces of literature, art, and music throughout human history. When the creator’s suffering is at its crescendo, the product of said suffering can be the most profound, the most inspiring. Absolutely this is true for English fashion designer-turned-photographer Kirsty Mitchell whose own tragic dance with reality, in the form of her beloved mother’s diagnosis and subsequent death from a brain tumor in 2008, instigated a life shift Mitchell never expected but embraced with a passion most will never know.

Mitchell’s photographs in the series Wonderland are stunningly realized, the embodiment of her dreams from a life spent as the offspring of a literature-loving, English teacher mum who went to great lengths to inspire in her daughter a love for the visual possibilities that come from the page. Every one of Mitchell’s photographs is a labor of love, some taking as long as five months to create, each one dependent on all of its pieces coming together in just the right manner to create a piece of unrivaled beauty.

[quote] I found myself producing pieces that echoed the memories of her stories, and the belief in wonder I have always felt since a child … It was driven by the need to produce tangible pieces of my dreams, and make it possible to step into the scenes for real. This physical creation was my favourite part, taking me to places I would have otherwise never known … [/quote]

Via The Daily Mail.