Woman’s Intimate Selfies Show How Pregnancy Changes the Body

This beautiful series called 40 Weeks and a Mirror reveals the changes of one woman’s body over the course of her pregnancy. Argentine photographer Sophie Starzenski took each photo simply by snapping a picture of herself every month while standing in front of the mirror. The last pregnant photo was taken only 4 hours before she went into labour.


4 weeks pregnantpregnancy-selfies-2

15 weeks pregnantpregnancy-selfies-3

20 weeks pregnantpregnancy-selfies-4

25 weeks pregnantpregnancy-selfies-5

29 weeks pregnantpregnancy-selfies-6

33 weeks pregnantpregnancy-selfies-7

37 weeks pregnantpregnancy-selfies-8

40 weeks pregnantpregnancy-selfies-9

With her 8 week old son, Simonpregnancy-selfies-10