William Morgan’s Dune House Can Be Yours

Who hasn’t dreamed of beachside living? For noted architect William Morgan, it wasn’t just a dream. In 1975 he designed and built this curious, earth-hugging home into the sand dunes of Atlantic Beach, Florida. With breathtaking views of the Atlantic Ocean and beach access literally a stone’s throw away, this little piece of Hobbit-like architectural history—actually two separate 750 sq. ft., one-bedroom, one-bath living quarters—is for sale for the princely sum of $1.4 million. From the real estate agent’s page:

[quote] The building was constructed using swimming pool technology, a gunite-concrete shell anchored to a cast concrete floor, the whole covered with a mantle of earth stabilized by native landscaping which helps maintain a 70-degree interior temperature. The interiors are made mostly of wood with extensive built-in furniture, giving the home a feeling similar to a stateroom aboard a ship.” [/quote]

dune house