Where’s Momo? Can You Find the Dog in Each Photo?

Momo is a 4.5 year old border collie that has a habit of hiding when a stick is thrown, rather than fetching it. This amused his human companion, Ontario-based graphic designer Andrew Knapp, so much so that he decided to take a photograph each time this happened.

In this Where’s Waldo-like series of urban and rural landscapes Knapp challenges you to locate Momo who is hiding somewhere within each image. Visit GoFindMomo.com and Instagram to stay updated on Momo’s hiding spots.

wheres-momo-hiding-1 wheres-momo-10 wheres-momo-hiding-3 where's momo wheres-momo-hiding-4 wheres-momo-hiding-5 wheres-momo-hiding-6 wheres-momo-hiding-7 wheres-momo-hiding-8 wheres-momo-hiding-9