Portraits Of Children From All Over The World And Where They Sleep

Where Children Sleep is a telling series that explores the various sleeping environments of children from all over the world. Created by photographer James Mollison, the series shows a portrait of each child alongside the space or room they sleep in.

From children surrounded by countless toys and electronics, to the less fortunate who sleep on a hard board, or even outside, the series provides a bit of insight into how different people live all over the world. The photographer has presented the series in a book, featuring the photographs along with the story of each child, available for purchase here

Alex, Age 9. Rio de Janeiro, Brazilwhere-children-sleep-29

Dong, Age 9. Yunnan, Chinawhere-children-sleep-21

Indira, Age 7. Kathmandu, Nepal

Jasmine, Age 4. Kentucky, USA where-children-sleep-24

Roathy, Age 8. Phnom Penh, Cambodia where-children-sleep-25

Anonymous, Age 9. Ivory Coast where-children-sleep-26

Douha, Age 10. Hebron, Israel where-children-sleep-27

Yiftach, Age 10. Bat Ayin, Occupied Palestine where-children-sleep-28

Risa, Age 15. Kyoto, Japan where-children-sleep-30

Ahkohxet, Age 8. Amazonia, Brazilwhere-children-sleep-31

Nantio, Age 15. Lisamis, Northern Kenya 

Bilal, Age 6. Wadi Abu Hindi, The West Bankwhere-children-sleep-20

Joey, Age 11. Kentucky, USAwhere-children-sleep-33

Alyssa, Age 8. Harlan County, USAwhere-children-sleep-34

Kaya, Age 4. Tokyo, Japanwhere-children-sleep-36

Jaime, Age 9. New York, USAwhere-children-sleep-38

Li, Age 10. Beijing, Chinawhere-children-sleep-37