Welcoming This Historical Gramercy Park Townhouse Into the 21st Century

After 164 years in existence, this townhouse deserved a facelift. Located in the desirable NYC Gramercy Park neighborhood, Fractal Construction undertook the ambitious plan to revamp the structure into two dwellings (a change from its prior incarnation as a triplex) of “equal value and scale.” But this renovation required a great deal more than some new interior walls and flooring. Given the age of the structure itself, the building needed all new steel framework, new plumbing, updated electrical, and modernized heating/air conditioning systems.

The final design incorporated an open plan layout to ensure the family would have adequate space to live and work, including three bedrooms, three and a half baths, a media room, office, in addition to the requisite kitchen, living, and dining spaces. Gorgeous, expansive windows flood the space with light, a stunning juxtaposition when seen in context against the neighboring townhouses still in their former condition. Likely one of the coolest aspects of this renovation (beyond the fantastically modern stainless-and-glass, tiled bathroom and glass-floor terrace through which residents can see the garden underneath) is the diode-embedded “glass curtain” that glints “at night like a private constellation.” What will they think of next?

Before and after of rear façade
townhouse renovation before and after

gramercy park townhouse renovation