Use Your Smartphone to Unlock Your Door

Add one more thing to the ever-growing list of stuff your smartphone can do for you, thanks to Lockitron. Preorders are now available for the second shipment of Lockitron, a device that allows you to use your phone to lock your door from anywhere in the world.

Lockitron’s app lets you share access with friends and family, while making sure that your pad is secure. You can set the app to notify you that you’ve locked the door, as well as when someone with access uses their own phone to unlock it–for example, when your child gets home from school.

The device is easily installed right on top of your existing lock, which means that even renters can use it, and works with any smartphone. It’s got built-in Wifi, and the Bluetooth capability means that Lockitron can sense your phone when you get close and automatically unlock the door for you. This idea is so good that it’s kind of amazing that nobody came up with it before this.