This Summer House Reaches New Heights

A highlight of summer for many is the annual getaway to the cottage, villa, cabin, or, in the case of these Hungarian homeowners, a “Summer House on Pillars.” Built amongst existing pines and not far from Lake Balaton, this geometric wonder is a study in traditional use vs. modern thinking. Guided rather than limited by building codes of the local region, Munkacsoport design firm worked around and in harmony with existing natural elements, namely the svelte fir trees of the immediate forest, and stretched the design to its fullest potential.

In building a practical three-story abode for those relaxing getaways, they incorporated contemporary flourishes, including prevalent reliance on concrete, glass, and wood throughout, but most especially the long stretch extending off the front of the house, supported by pillars, where the house guest can enjoy a moment’s peace “floating” above the earth surrounded by panoramic windows that facilitate a breathtaking view.