This Robotic Hand Can Do Just About Anything

The Bebionic3 is a prosthetic hand that uses your muscle’s neuro-muscular signals to operate a number of precise functions. The robotic hand allows you to do just about anything that you can do with a human hand, such as write with a pen, carry heavy objects, delicately hold glasses, grip a computer mouse, and even crack eggs.

The video below shows Nigel Ackland, who lost part of his arm in an accident at work, wearing the Bebionic3 prosthetic hand. Nigel commented, “Having a bebionic hand is like being human again, psychologically I wouldn’t be without it. I can hold the phone, shake hands and wash my left hand normally, which I haven’t been able to for five years! I’m back to being a two finger typist and can even do a very interesting hand signal which I call the 15th function, not particularly functional perhaps, but the psychological benefit is immense! Overall, the bebionic hand has had a great impact on my life, not only does it look more like a human hand but it also functions more like a human hand.”

Video of Nigel using his robotic hand

Nigel pouring himself a beer with his robotic handrobotic hand