These Pictures Were Drawn With A Human Eyeball

Concept artist Francis Tsai, who has worked for companies such as Rockstar and EA, was diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s Disease in 2010. As time passed, the disease took away his ability to draw.

He first lost the use of his hands, and so he taught himself to draw using his feet. Once he was unable to draw with his feet, he was determined to rig a computer that would allow him to draw using his eyes. According to Kotaku, the pictures below (sent to Kotaku by Tsai’s sister) were drawn by him doing just that.

Tsai used Tobii’s “eye-gazing” technology, along with drawing programs Sketchup and GIMP, to create the pictures below using just the motion of his eyeballs.

You can purchase prints from his store. The proceeds from each purchase will go toward his medical care. [Kotaku]

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