The Invisible Bicycle Helmet

Industrial design students Anna Haupt and Terese Alstin took on a huge task for their final exam project. They challenged convention and created what so many, including their professors, said was impossible. They created a device that could offer the protection of a bicycle helmet without actually having to be worn in the same way.

According to their website, 40% of people who die in bicycling accidents would have survived if they had been wearing a helmet. Many people on the road don’t wear bicycle helmets because they are bulky, impractical to carry around when you’re not cycling, and quite frankly people think helmets make them look bad.

Enter “Hövding”,  a collar for bicyclists that is worn around the neck. The collar contains a folded up airbag that you’ll only see if you happen to have an accident. It’s comfortable, practical, and blends into the clothes you are wearing. The trigger mechanism on the airbag is controlled by sensors that pick up on abnormal movements that a bicyclist experiences during an accident.