Stunning Aerial Photo Series Of Tulip Fields In The Netherlands

When you think of tulips, you cannot help but think of the Netherlands. It has become a beloved symbol for the country, and every year tourists flock there to see the glorious flowers in bloom. And how better to capture these fields of tulips than by photographing them from the sky. French photographer Normann Szkop teamed up with pilot Claython Pender for this aerial photo shoot. The stunning photographs reveal what appear to be fields of geometric bursts of colour in every hue of the rainbow.

aerial-tulips-normann-szkop--2 aerial-tulips-normann-szkop-1 aerial-tulips-normann-szkop-3 aerial-tulips-normann-szkop-4 aerial-tulips-normann-szkop-6 aerial-tulips-normann-szkop-5