Spycams Attached To Birds Backs Capture Breathtaking Aerial Photos

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to fly high into the sky like a bird? A new documentary entitled “Winged Planet” gives viewers the opportunity to see the world from a bird’s perspective as they migrate across continents.

The two hour documentary from award winning filmmaker John Downer took four years to complete and reveals extraordinary aerial views of America, Africa and Europe. As these incredible birds fly, they use reference points from the landscapes below to navigate, search for food, and migrate.

The images were captured using the latest camera techniques including spycams that were secured onto the backs of eagles, cranes, pelicans, snow geese, and countless other birds.

Winged Planet premieres on the Discovery Channel on Saturday, October 6 at 8 pm.

winged planet birds eye view (1)

The view from an eagles perspective flying over Lake Bogoria in Kenya with flamingos on the water (below).
winged planet birds eye view (2) winged planet birds eye view (3) winged planet birds eye view (4)

Cranes soaring over Loire Valley, France.
winged planet birds eye view (5)

Barnacle geese flying in formation over the east coast of Scotland.
winged planet birds eye view (6)