Spectacular Transparent Church

Architects Pieterjan Gijs and Arnout Van Vaerenbergh are the masterminds behind this spectacular transparent church, named Reading Between the Lines.

The church is 10 meters high and is made of 100 layers and 2000 columns of steel. It is built on a fundament of armed concrete. Through the use of horizontal plates, the concept of the traditional church is transformed into a transparent object of art.

Depending on the perspective of the onlooker, the church is either seen as a huge building or it appears to dissolve into the landscape. When looking out from within the church, the surrounding countryside is redefined by abstract lines.

Reading between the Lines can be read as a reflection on architectural themes such as scale, the ground plan etc., but the project also emphatically transcends the strictly architectural. After all, the church does not have a well-defined function and focuses on visual experience in itself (one could even consider it to be a line drawing in space).

The church is located in Borgloon, Limburg.

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