Proposed Bike Network in London Provides Elevated Routes

The London Cycle Network is insufficiently safe for cyclists. Having to navigate around stopped buses and cars, some cyclists instead choose to stay on the sidewalk, believing it to be the safer of two less than ideal options. That is, until vehicles pull out on cyclists leaving the riders with nowhere to go.

SkyCycle is a solution from Exterior Architecture of elevated conduits running across the major commuter routes of London. A cycling utopia, with no buses, no cars and no stress.


SkyCycle is a futuristic concept that would drastically change the cycling lifestyle in London. It provides over 220km of car-free bike routes and can accommodate over 12,000 cyclists per hour.


SkyCycle will not replace the roads, it will simply be an alternative option. The system will add a vertical layer to the city, creating new social spaces and an improved system of transportation throughout London.
skycycle-elevated-bike-system-london-3 copy