Philip Johnson’s Glass House

This is where the maxim “those who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones” really gets put to the test. Of course, we’re not throwing stones at this Glass House, built by famed architect Philip Johnson in 1949 on a 47-acre property in Connecticut. The Glass House has long been regarded as one of the premiere pieces of American architecture for its simplicity and attention to perfection.

The walls are floor-to-ceiling windows measuring 18 ft. wide and 10.5 ft. tall, and the guts of the home are completely visible from the outside. A brick cylinder within the building’s core houses a bathroom on one side (thankfully!) and a fireplace on the other. While the sleeping area is set off from the main living quarters by bookshelves, there are no other interior walls within the structure. Watch the video for a discussion on the history and significance of the Glass House.

glass house philip johnson

philip johnson glass house