Orla Reynolds’ Design Ingenuity Will Help You Live Large

Your new apartment or condominium is great, but at under 1000 sq. ft., you don’t have room for that formal dining suite of your dreams. Even if your abode is small on space doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice function and sass. Designer Orla Reynolds’ latest offering, “As If From Nowhere …,” is the design prescription for the space challenged.

Sure, at first glance, they’re spacious bookshelves suitable for arrangement in a variety of combinations, the fresh white offset with colorful accents. But give those vibrant splashes a little tug, and—voila!—the bookshelves give you furniture—as in, two steel tables and four steel dining chairs (for which there are magnetized seat cushions available), tucked neatly into the bookcase construction. Someone get Gordon Ramsay on the phone and schedule that dinner party!