Optical Camouflage Technology Allows You to “See-Through” a Car’s Backseat

Driving reverse doesn’t have to be so much of a pain, well not for long. A research group at Keio University in Japan is currently developing a system that makes the backseat of a car look transparent. Yes, you read that right. Led by Professor Masahiko Inami, the system applies “optical camouflage technology” to vehicles, making the backseat of the vehicle appear transparent from the driver’s viewpoint.

The system involves rear cameras that project video onto the backseat of the car using a half-mirror. Unlike video that might appear in a monitor in the car’s dashboard, the video in this case is processed by a computer to make things appear actual-sized, and then projected onto the backseat of the car, where the obstacles would actually be, allowing the driver to better understand the car’s position.

transparent car interior (1)

transparent car interior (2)

transparent car interior (3)