Once Owned by Lenny Kravitz, This SoHo Triplex Has It All

So what does one do with that extra $17.95 million hiding in the couch cushions? Buy a small country? Retire to the rolling expanse of the Scottish Highlands? Buy a working Montana ranch and live out all those childhood fantasies of being a cowboy? All great thoughts, but Sotheby’s International Reality has a better idea: you could drop your very large jar of coins on the 6167 sq. ft. SoHo penthouse that formerly belonged to one Lenny Kravitz (who reportedly sold it to Alicia Keys in 2010). Boasting an additional 3000 sq. ft. of outdoor space, the five-bedroom, four-bath triplex on Lower Manhattan’s Crosby Street is ultra modern, filled with all the luxuries any demanding super celeb would want. The story goes that since Kravitz last lay his head under the penthouse roof, the place has undergone a few changes, including the addition of some rather decorative light fixtures. But come on—doesn’t everyone park their Ducati in front of the color-coordinated oversized litho of two bull elephants and their half-naked circus freak? I so would. Via Curbed.