New 3D Sketchbook Drawings from Nagai Hideyuki


Japanese artist Nagai Hideyuki is back again with more incredible 3D drawings from his sketchbook. For those who missed them last time around, you can see more of Nagai’s impressive 3D drawings here. In his latest work Nagai experiments more with color, which doesn’t take away from the life-like drawings that appear to be jumping off the page. You can see more of Nagai’s work on his website. [Mymodernmet]

3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-1 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-2 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-3 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-4 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-5 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-7 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-8 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-9 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-10 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-11 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-12 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-13 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-14 3d-drawings-nagai-hideyuki-15