Nate Kogan’s ‘Space Tours for the Modern Citizen’

Toronto-based artist and photographer Nate Kogan has created this trippy series entitled Space Tours for the Modern Citizen. The series explores the notion of being a tourist on earth due to an altered state of mind, and how this altered state of mind would cause one to perceive their surrounding environment.

Nate aligns himself with a movement called ‘The New Aesthetic’, which is a take on how the machines see art, and how the internet can be used as a canvas. Nate says, “I take bits of the internet and various digital mediums (photo, video, interactivity) and try to show people a bit of what it can look like when you put the pieces together.”

You can see more of Nate’s work on his website and Facebook page.

space-tours-1 space-tours-2 space-tours-3 space-tours-4 space-tours-5