Photographer Creates Mock Photoshop Ads That Show How Deceptive Beauty Campaigns Are

Anna Hill is a photography student who was fed up with how deceptive beauty and fashion ads can be, so she decided to create her own mock Photoshop campaign, and we think it’s great.

Entitled ‘Beauty Is Only Pixel Deep’, Anna created four mock ads using portraits of herself that reveal just how far digital editing can go. This series was used for her final project at East Carolina University in an advanced digital photography class.

“I thought it would be fun to poke fun at how much beauty ads are overly manipulated. They really are altered so much, they may as well be advertising Photoshop rather than the products they actually sell.”

photoshop-beauty-campaign-parody-1 photoshop-beauty-campaign-parody-2 photoshop-beauty-campaign-parody-3 photoshop-beauty-campaign-parody-4