The Last Known Photos Taken of Famous Figures

Have a look at what is said to be the last known photographs taken of various well known figures. The collection includes the last photo of public figures such as Steve Jobs, Princess Diana, Amy Winehouse, Tupac Shakur, Ronald Reagan, and Heath Ledger. You can see more from the collection over on Imgur.

Amy Winehouselast-photo-taken-amy-winehouse

Steve Jobslast-photo-taken-steve-jobs

Heath Ledgerlast-photo-taken-heath-ledger

John Candylast-photo-taken-john-candy

Kurt Cobainlast-photo-taken-kurt-cobain

Martin Luther King Jr.last-photo-taken-margin-luther-king-jr

Princess Dianalast-photo-taken-princess-diana

Ronald Reaganlast-photo-taken-ronald-reagan

Franklin D. Rooseveltlast-photo-taken-roosevelt

Tupac Shakurlast-photo-taken-tupac

Adolf Hitlerlast-photo-taken-adolf-hitler

Amelia Earhartlast-photo-taken-amelia-earhart

Bob Marleylast-photo-taken-bob-marley

James Deanlast-photo-taken-james-dean