Ivo Vos’s “The Brunch”: Therapist Approved

Finally, someone has made breakfast logical and neurosis friendly. From the Bread Slicer that allows laser-perfect cuts of bread to the grid-printed plate, silverware, and placement—the “Holy Grail of table placement”—Ivo Vos‘s The Brunch is a series that puts a new spin on everyday household products—the toaster that shoots its single slice of bread onto your plate, if aligned properly; the teapot that records how high you can hold the pot and still hit the cup; a set of measuring devices that record exactly how much milk and sugar you’re adding to your coffee.

[quote] This project explores post-functional products that address the desire for skill, struggle, rituals, perfection, preparation and anticipation—qualities lost when we indulge in the comforts of Prozac technology.” [/quote]

Silly us, we just thought they were cool.