Hyperrealistic Drawings by Kelvin Okafor

UK-based artist Kelvin Okafor has created these incredible hyperrealistic pencil drawings. The finished pieces are just outstanding, but it is so interesting to also be able to see the process work as well.

Kelvin is a graduate from Middlesex University with a B.A. in Fine Art. He says being extremely precise in his drawings is what he is most passionate about, and he aspires to create art as vivid as eyes could see. You can see more of his work over on his Facebook page or Flickr.

hyperrealistic-drawings-okafor-1 hyperrealistic-drawings-okafor-2 hyperrealistic-drawings-okafor-3 hyperrealistic pencil drawings hyperrealistic-drawings-okafor-5
Heath Ledger6915395533_473abcab5c_z

Video shows progress of drawing Heath Ledger


Video shows progress of drawing Aisha