Hyperrealistic Drawings by Emanuele Dascanio


These incredibly detailed hyperrealistic drawings were created by italian artist Emanuele Dascanio. Emanuele’s subjects range from his father (see above) to a slice of watermelon and half eaten apple.

Watch the video below of Emanuele in action to see just how much detail goes into his hyperrealistic drawings. The greyscale drawings were made using charcoal and graphite, while the coloured ones were made using oil. To get in touch with the artist or to see more of his work, visit his Facebook page here.

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hyperrealistic-drawings-emanuele-dascanio-2 hyperrealistic-drawings-emanuele-dascanio-3 hyperrealistic-drawings-emanuele-dascanio-4 hyperrealistic-drawings-emanuele-dascanio-5 hyperrealistic-drawings-emanuele-dascanio-6