Gustavo Lacerda’s “Albinos” Leave a Lasting Impression

Albinism is caused by a genetic defect in melanin production, which results in little to no color in the skin, hair, and eyes of the affected person (severity of the albinism depends on the type as there are several). Often collectively referred to as albinos, these people have an angelic appearance, their skin milky white, their hair fair. Many suffer a host of secondary medical issues as a result of their genetic anomaly, which accounts for the variations in their physical appearance, especially with regard to their eyes. However, in front of Brazilian photographer Gustavo Lacerda’s lens, they are beautiful, ghostly, ethereal.

Lacerda’s first photo essay of his career, done in 1991, was a “series of photos in an insane asylum.” Though he admits his skills were still developing in this early compilation, he has since clearly established himself as a photographer with the compassion and technical ability to capture the souls of individuals who have unique stories to tell.