Glass-Bottom Pool Gives Bird’s Eye View of Busy Shanghai Streets

Whether visiting on business or for pleasure, a sought-after amenity of high-end hotels is the pool. Nothing like pounding out some laps after a mutinous day in the boardroom or to soak the achy feet after clocking countless tourist miles within the grandeur of your guest city. But at the Holiday Inn Shanghai Pudong Kangqaio, that dip might bring a little more adventure than the weary traveler bargained for. Go ahead—swim down to the deep end of the 30-metre-long pool, and stop. Hold your breath, and look under the water. Yes, you are jutting out from the building’s façade, an impressive 24 stories above the ground, and there’s nothing between you and a hard bounce to terra firma except the water you’re floating in and—you hope—very thick glass couched in a solid structural framework. Maybe forego the belly flop this time. And if you’re acrophobic? Stick to the shallow end. Via BlessThisStuff, The Daily Mail