Glass-Blown Renderings of Infectious Diseases

UK-based artist Luke Jerram has produced a series of sculptures called “Glass Microbiology” based on infectious diseases. Yes, you heard that right. The sculptures are glass-blown renderings of infectious diseases such as Malaria, E.Coli, or HIV.

Although the subject matter of the series is quite harmful, and often deadly, the sculptures are incredibly gorgeous to behold, and have been known to sell for $10,000 apiece. Jerram made the pieces so that when people viewed them, they would be inspired to contemplate the global impact of each disease.

The glass sculptures were recently acquired by the Metropolitan Museum of Art as part of their permanent collection. They are also on view at the National Centre for Craft and Design in the UK until April 13, 2013.


HIV (series 2)disease-series-Luke-Jerram-1

Swine Fludisease-series-Luke-Jerram-2


Enterovirus 71, involved in hand, foot and mouth disease.disease-series-Luke-Jerram-4