How Famous Rock Stars Would Look Today If They Were Still Alive

Have you ever wondered what the great rock and roll stars of the past would look like if they were still alive today? Well, wonder no more because Sachs Media Group has partnered with photo restoration firm Phojoe to create a series of photographs that reveal what our favourite rockstars would look like now if they had not passed away before their time.

Kurt Cobain: Guitarist and songwriter for Nirvana. Died 1994, Age 27rock-and-roll-stars-today-1

Bob Marley: Most influential reggae artist. Died 1981, Age 36rock-and-roll-stars-today-4

Dennis Wilson: Drummer for The Beach Boys Died. Died 1983, Age 39rock-and-roll-stars-today-2

Janis Joplin: Rock-blues singer. Died 1970, Age 27rock-and-roll-stars-today-11

Karen Carpenter: Singer and drummer for The Carpenters. Died 1983, Age 32rock-and-roll-stars-today-3

John Lennon: Founder of the Beatles. Died 1980, Age 40rock-and-roll-stars-today-5

Keith Moon: Drummer for The Who. Died 1978, Age 32rock-and-roll-stars-today-6

Elvis Presley: “The King of Rock and Roll”. Died 1977, Age 42rock-and-roll-stars-today-7

Jimi Hendrix: Often hailed as rock’s greatest guitarist. Died 1970, Age 27rock-and-roll-stars-today-12

‘Mama’ Cass Elliot: Singer with The Mamas and The Papas. Died 1974, Age 33rock-and-roll-stars-today-8

Bobby Darin: Hit singer in the early days of rock and roll. Died 1973, Age 37rock-and-roll-stars-today-9

Jim Morrison: Singer and writer for The Doors. Died 1971, Age 27rock-and-roll-stars-today-10