Famous Brand Logos Recreated With Honest Slogans

Nashville-based graphic designer Clif Dickens has recreated the logos of famous brands to include “what people really think” for his website cheekily titled ‘Honest Slogans.’ Have a look at our favourite picks from the collection, and let us know whether or not you agree with the reworked slogansĀ in the comments below.

honest-slogans-6 honest-slogans-8 honest-slogans-1 honest-slogans-2 honest-slogans-3 honest-slogans-4 honest-slogans-5 honest-slogans-7 honest-slogans-9 honest-slogans-10 honest-slogans-11 honest-slogans-12 honest-slogans-13 honest-slogans-14 honest-slogans-15 honest-slogans-16 honest-slogans-17 honest-slogans-18