EyeRing — Life-Changing Technology for the Visually Impaired

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It is an amazing day when you see technology being used to have such a significant and meaningful impact on people’s lives. Fluid Interfaces Group, an MIT Media Lab company, have invented the EyeRing, a wearable intuitive interface that allows individuals with impaired vision to interact with the world in a way they were never able to before.

The EyeRing is basically a micro camera that is worn on your index finger, like a ring. When the user points and clicks, the ring sends data to a mobile device, which then interprets the data and reads it out loud. For example, when shopping you can use the EyeRing to scan a clothing tag which will then tell you how much the item costs, what size it is, etc. It can even tell you what color any item you point it at is. You can also use the EyeRing to scan bills to ensure that you hand the correct amount to the cashier, and don’t overpay. The potential for this technology is extraordinary.

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