Exploring “the Ever-Turning Wheel of Life” in SAMSARA

When you go to the movies, you’re ready for a story to be told—through action sequences, the words of the screenwriter, the choices made by the director, and the expressions and emotions offered by the actors. Imagine going to the cinema where the feature-length film is devoid of words, where the action sequences and emotions come through based on truth, on reality, a film that goes beyond a documentary but still captures our imagination in a manner that draws goosebumps from our flesh.

Filmed entirely on 70mm film—the first full-length feature film in this format in over ten years—Samsara is the brainchild of cinematographer and director Ron Fricke and his team of filmmakers who spent nearly five years and traveled to twenty-five countries to capture the images presented in 92 minutes of film.

In Sanskrit, Samsara means “the ever-turning wheel of life.” The purpose of the film is to find the interconnectedness that runs amongst and through us all, as individuals and a collective whole, on conjunction with the “rhythm of the planet,” as we move through this one-shot experience called life.

[quote] Samsara explores the wonders of our world from the mundane to the miraculous, looking into the unfathomable reaches of man’s spirituality and the human experience.” [/quote]

samsara film