Everett Hiller’s Holiday Parties: The New Hangout for Celebs?

After your last holiday party, think of the photos you woke up to the next morning. Before popping that Advil and guzzling the requisite post-party gallon of V8, you start flipping through the photos—you, your friends, red-eyed, festive, the shots growing progressively blurrier (and less tasteful) as the evening progresses. Sound familiar? Maybe you need to start hanging out with a better crowd. Like Everett Hiller and his wife. Their parties, while not unlike your own, have some definite A-listers in attendance. Sort of. Barack Obama? Emma Watson? Ryan Gosling? Tom Cruise? The proof is in the pictures—or is it?

Using his crazy Photoshop skills, Hiller takes the images from his parties and weaves in the faces of Hollywood’s elite. A careful eye can pick out some of the shots as obvious fakes, but some are dead on, complete with the blur, overexposed skin, and red-eye. Hiller’s Imgur album has gone viral, chewing up Reddit and making its way around the Interwebs. Makes me feel sorry for Hiller’s friends’ faces who’re surgically removed, though … no proof that they were actually at the party to see Tracy Morgan walk in the door.