Enormous Mural Painted on a Skyscraper in Sao Paulo

Brazilian muralist Eduardo Kobra is known for his richly detailed and colourful three-dimensional murals. The motivation behind his murals is the hope that the public will feel as though they are actually interacting with the work and not just passing by.

As a commemoration to renowned Brazilian architect Oscar Niermeyer, Kobra painted an abstract portrait of the architect on the side of a skyscraper so that his image would forever live on in the downtown streets of Sao Paulo.

The end result is a stunningly vibrant portrait that, due to its sheer size and composite of colour, is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Against the drab grey backdrop of the other buildings, this mural shines brightly for all to admire.

oscar_kobra4 oscar_kobra1 oscar_kobra2 oscar_kobra5