Drawings Made With One Continuous Line

French self-taught artist Pierre Emmanuel Godet has created this series of portraits using just one continuous line. He began this series back in 2010 while exploring the notion of making art using very few materials. What makes these drawings even more interesting is that if you look closely you can see various objects and shapes, as each drawing also tells a story about its subject. Below are some of our favourites, but you can see much more over on Godet’s website.

Michael Jacksoncontinuous line portraits (4)

Batmancontinuous line portraits (5)

Andy Warholcontinuous line portraits (2)

Mozartcontinuous line portraits (3)

Marilyn Monroecontinuous line portraits (6)

Spokcontinuous line portraits (1)

Bonocontinuous line portraits (8)

Elvis Presleycontinuous line portraits (7)

Tim Burton

The Joker