Does Your Dog Shake? Not Like Carli Davidson’s Dogs

Carli Davidson knows her critters. During her career as an award-winning, internationally published photographer—including as a freelance photographer for the Oregon Zoo in Portland’s West Hills—she’s snapped everything from birds of prey to snakes to elephants. A real case of lions and tigers and bears, oh my! If you have a chance to look through her fantastic portfolio, don’t miss the section on Personal/Veterinary Work, which includes shots of a group of blind children getting up close and personal with a sedated Siberian tiger. The perspective of a child’s hand against the tiger’s teeth? Wow.

In this series, Shake, the subjects are a bit less menacing than the snoozing tiger, and a lot more slobbery. Davidson, using her experience as an animal trainer and caretaker, has managed to capture some cheeky canine friends (and a sweet baby pussycat) shaking their heads—each moment, frozen forever, is a hilarious and sometimes disturbing repositioning of the pup’s features. (The border collie is my favorite.) Be sure to find Davidson on Facebook. She really is an animal lover through and through, and it definitely shows in her work.