Calvin Nicholls’ Mind-Blowing Paper Sculptures

Canadian artist Calvin Nicholls has been playing with paper for a long time. A 1979 graduate of a graphic design program in Oakville, Ontario, Nicholls started his career in advertising. But in 1984, his affinity for multilayered, three-dimensional paper art really took hold.

Since launching his first series of limited-edition animal sculptures in 1989, he has collected numerous awards and commissions for his work. Every sculpture starts out as a pencil drawing, and then each individual layer–of which there are many–is traced and cut out accordingly, using scalpels and X-Acto knives. The work is painstaking and time consuming–just look at the level of detail, the exact replication of these creatures–and can take anywhere from four weeks to two years to complete!

Nicholls’ work has been shown in galleries internationally, and in 2002 he contributed fifteen sculptures for the children’s book, The World Before This One.