Artist Sets the ‘World’s Largest Dollhouse’ on Fire

Remember the World’s Largest Dollhouse? (if not, see here). For the last six years the life-sized dollhouse was a road side memorial to Canadian prairie life on the side of Manitoba’s Highway 2.

The artist who created it, Heather Benning, has recently set it on fire. She told the National Post in an email Tuesday, “We chose to demolish the house because I felt it was no longer safe to exist in the public domain.” She goes on to say that “The Dollhouse was a reflection on a past time and era … Now with the complete abolishment of the project the work has come full circle”. From a ruin to a work of art and back to a ruin again.

You can see more photos of The Dollhouse before it was burned down here.

heather benning dollhouse on fire the-dollhouse-2 heather-benning-dollhouse1