Andreas Bhend’s IKEA Reimagined: Hacks Unite!

Congratulations! You’ve just rented your first apartment. Now what? IKEA! With its inexpensive furnishings, ridiculous instructions, and that ever-important Allen wrench, IKEA beckons to the young and penny-strapped, its furniture gracing the abodes of thousands of up-and-coming grownups worldwide. But a few enterprising creatives aren’t satisfied with simply following the instructions to get that Bjursta table up in time for dinner—and Andreas Bhend might just be their clever king. Known as an “IKEA hack,” Swiss designer Bhend reimagines not only IKEA’s furniture but the instructions they’re packaged with to create a whole new piece of furniture based on the IKEA materials. If you’re building a Bhend creation, you’re going to need more than a screwdriver and some screws. Hope you’re comfortable with saws and power tools. If not, call Dad (and see if Mom will wash your socks while you’re home). Via Core 77.