A Bicycle Made of Cardboard? Yup, and It’s Only $20

A bicycle made almost entirely from cardboard will potentially change transportation forever. From the world’s poorest corners to its most congested urban streets, this cardboard bicycle could have a major impact on the lives of many people.

Engineers told cycling enthusiast Izhar Gafni that it was impossible, yet he knew that cardboard could be very strong if properly treated. After 18 months tweaking his design in order to create the strongest, most durable, cheapest, and lightest cardboard bike possible, Izhar says the bike is almost ready for mass production.

cardboard bicycle

The bike is apparently maintenance-free, waterproof and fireproof. A car timing belt is used in place of a chain, and the tires are made with reconstituted rubber from old car tires. This means that the tires will never puncture and should last 10 years without needing to be inflated.

To ensure the strength of the design, Izhar tested the cardboard‘s durability by submerging a cross-section in a water tank for several months and found that it maintained its hardened characteristics.

Not only is it sustainable, at just $9 per unit the cardboard bicycle is extremely cheap to make, will cost just $20 to buy, and is projected to weigh only 20 pounds. [Thanks to our reader Lee for scouting this design]

cardboard bicyclecardboard bike