A $5 Lamp Powered Solely by Gravity

GravityLight harnesses the power of gravity to provide a realistic alternative to kerosene lamps. The $5 light requires no fuel or batteries, and it takes only 3 seconds to lift the weight which powers GravityLight, creating 30 minutes of light on its descent.

There are currently over 1.5 billion people in the world who have no reliable access to mains electricity. Instead, these people rely on biomass fuels (mostly kerosene) for lighting once the sun goes down. Not only are the fumes dangerous, but they also come with a financial burden. The kerosene can eat away at 10% to 20% of a family’s entire household income.

This revolutionary lamp will have no costs after the initial purchase. Each GravityLight kit comes with the adjustable lamp and a ballast bag. Once the bag is filled up with sand or rocks, the user hangs it from the lamp to act as a weight which then turns the LED bulb on.

The designers for the GravityLight project are currently raising funds on the crowdsourcing platform Indiegogo. They have raised over $200,000, with 27 days left to go.