12 Parents that Perfected the Art of the Halloween Costume

These kids are going to have some awesome family photos to look back on that’s for sure. If only my parents could have been this creative. Low and behold, 12 parents who deserve a Halloween gold medal, if there is such a thing. [Buzzfeed]

1. Chucky and Tiffanykids-halloween-costume-ideas-2

2. Andy Warholkids-halloween-costume-ideas-9

3. Edward Scissorhandskids-halloween-costume-ideas-7

4. Zombie babykids-halloween-costume-ideas-6

5. Walt and Jessekids-halloween-costume-ideas-5

6. Grannykids-halloween-costume-ideas-4

7. Forrest Gump and Lt. Dankids-halloween-costume-ideas-3

8. Run DMCkids-halloween-costume-ideas-12

9. Frida Kahlokids-halloween-costume-ideas-8

10. The Work Loaderkids-halloween-costume-ideas-11

11. Kip, Napoleon Dynamitekids-halloween-costume-ideas-1

12. Alex DeLargekids-halloween-costume-ideas-10